Panasonic exposure compensation?

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It still strikes me as goofy

Henry Richardson wrote:

My problem seems to be solved, as I expected it would be since the behavior I was experiencing and the wording in the manual seemed to unlikely be the only way to use EC. Turns out after adjusting EC with the rear dial I can ignore the next step of confirming/setting the EC. The EC scale, shutter speed scale, and aperture scale are annoyingly still there, but will disappear when I do anything. Thanks to rashid7 for pointing out that I could skip the confirm/set step and things would work out okay:

I'm still puzzled by Panasonic building in this "confirm" step.  I'm wondering this:  If you are using that rear dial to change aperture, and then you push it in to switch it to EC, you rotate it to change the EC, and then you push it in, does that BOTH "confirm" the EC change AND switch the dial back to changing aperture?  I guess this could make sense as a procedure to temporarily use the dial to change EC but then exit that mode.   If after you push it to "confirm" the EC change, which you've confirmed is optional, that dial still stays in EC adjust mode, then it really makes no sense to me.

In January 2019 I bought a Panasonic TX1/ZS100 and carry it around with me whenever I don't have a larger m4/3 camera.

I've recently considered buying one of those used.  A few years back I bought a Tough TG-4 but was so dissatisfied with its image quality (as compared to MFT) that I almost never used it and finally sold it.  I've wondered whether the 1" sensor would be sufficiently better that I would actually use it.  Apparently you find it satisfactory.

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