EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

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Re: The journey is often more interesting than arriving

bigsambwfc wrote:

Staying with my mk2 as the mk3 shows no significant improvements in AF performance or sensor performance, still love my set up though as proved again last Tuesday in a hide. A kingfisher appeared partly hidden in bushes and a good distance away, with my 100/400lens and small dot SAF @ 64iso,1/50th was able to get acceptable shot, then bird dived which was anticipated so switched to C1 mode and got shots of partially hidden bird.Two others next to me with dslr set ups with 600mm lenses did,nt get anything. My shots are not perfect by any means but at least I have something if only justification of the system.The key for my needs as stated earlier is these two areas not going bigger and heavier in body or lens, as manouverability is key in sports and wildlife photography.Big huge fast lenses are not any use to me as I am getting on a bit but walk a lot and carry 1 lens on camera & 1 in pocket (macro) all carried in a tank bag on motor bike.

If the AF in the new E-M1 Mkiii is equal to the E-M1X this means that the AF in the E-M1 Mkiii will be slightly improved over the E-M1 Mkii even with the recent FW3.0.  The slightly improved AF in the E-M1X over the E-M1 Mkii is the reason I use the E-M1X when out birding.

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