X-T4 coming with a X-T200 style flippy screen

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Re: X-T4 coming with a X-T200 style flippy screen

Fuji Maine wrote:

col4bin wrote:

It looks like the X-T# line is moving in the direction of a video centric camera and perhaps the X-H# line will be stills centric.

As indicated by it having 6k video capability. Oh wait, nevermind. Just wait until it's announced that it only has three axis IBIS.

Hahaa! Maybe you should take your own advice and wait for the announcement.

This very well could be the ultimate camera of compromise and cost cutting that makes no one happy.

Nah, that would be anything recent from Olympus.

It will be interesting to see what they try and charge for this.

It will be competitive. X-T cameras have always been.

It's a little bit bigger which will upset group A but if it's without an actual XH1 grip it will upset group B.

It's got a flip out screen but they just recycled an existing design that no one seems to be happy about.

No 6k.

Who really needs 6K? Most people don't even have 4K!

Likely the same year and a half old sensor and processor.

Again, WAY better than some competition, like Olympus & their ancient 20Mp sensor.

Hopefully it comes with a leaf shutter from the XH1 but I don't think that can happen without a real grip.

And the final straw will be a less effective three stop ibis.

Link to the 3 stop ibis? Or are you just trolling?

I really really really wanted this camera to be something significant and great but I fear that a statement about the way this camera is shaping up is going to hold true: this thing is going to be an absolute dumpster fire.

Was any X-T camera a "dumpster fire"? Heck, any Fujifilm X camera?

CP+ has been cancelled because of the thing we don't speak of here but that won't stop Sony and Canon from still announcing their pre Olympics release cameras. Canon is actually going to make a push to actually release some bold tech and Sony will likely impress with their a7iv at a price that under cuts the whole market. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Fuji is making incremental change at likely too high a price. Awesome.

Out of both brands you have mentioned, I'd gladly stick with fujifilm. For me, its the best compromise.

So the X-T4 has a fas, so what. It's not for me, but I'm sure that's not going to effect it greatly. It'll probably get great scores, perform well in the field and sell well, just like every orher X-T camera.

Did I just respond to a burner account? This reeks...

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