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So now that Canon has announced their 1DXIII, which utterly destroys the (snip) D6,

Which specifications do you have in mind that makes you say that? They seem quite comparable to me, each one having their own minor advantage or disadvantage here and there.

Well, the Canon is a hybrid camera, that shoots faster, has more focus points, and will do video a lot better, just to name a few things. I don't own any Canon gear, but from what I'm reading online, people are super impressed with the new 1DX and the specs for the EOS 5 seem pretty dang good. OTOH, no one seems impressed with the D6. I'm seeing lots of people already complaining that it's basically just a D5s.

I bet those "lots of people" aren't the ones actually buying.

The ones actually buying will buy the D6 because it has better AF than the Canon 1DXiii, just as they bought the D5 because it has better AF than the 1DXii.

The D6 is beyond the reach of the spec comparison hobbyists (I include myself here!) and thankfully Nikon can ignore the internet chatter and youtubers and "buzz" and worry about pleasing the only people who matter - the pros and enthusiast photographers who actually buy the Dx series.

The reviewers and youtubers do so well with their gig that they had to ramp up for the D6 even though 99% of the people who would buy a D6 will never hear their message. Which is not a bad thing.  But it does get the forum riled up so $$$ in their pockets.

A D6 might be something I'd interested in down the road on the used market, if I ever decide to update my D4s. But I wouldn't taint my decision listening to the shills, youtubers, and so called impartial "reviewers"

All the internet buzz with the D5 was about low ISO DR when it launched. Utterly irrelevant in the long run and, it seems to me, the D5 has been the best camera in its class since. I think the D6 is likely to be another "Nikon 1, Internet 0" outcome.

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