No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

DenImage wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Jonneymendoza2 wrote:

As in, bothered to produce a bigger upgrade spec on the A9mk2!!

BOth the D6/1dx3 are a let down spec-wise!

I cant blame sony for just doing small updates on it as they probably knew the 1x3/d6 would barely be a upgrade to the previous version of those cameras(which the original A9 already blew away)

You must have missed the R5 announcement today.

A7R3-ish resolution


8K video.

If Sony knew the D6/1DX3 were coming, how didn't they see this, and why didn't they counter it?

(A: They couldn't, so they rushed the A9M2 out to get people to commit before R5 specs hit the street).

Complete unsubstantiated nonsense.

The R5 isn't even out yet, and you'd be extremely naive to think Sony have been resting on their laurels and haven't been holding back until their competitors release something comparable to Sony's current models. I have no doubt Sony have a few newly developed models waiting in the pipeline. They have a history of raining on their competitors parade by releasing newer models around the same time as their competitors.


Sony has, more-or-less, four lines of FF mirrorless. A7III is the generalist, enthusiast, camera. The others specialize in sports/performance, resolution, or video.

Looking at the spec sheet, it looks like Canon is trying to take on all three specialist lines at once.

The questions are:

1. How good will the R5 actually be in these areas? Should be fine at resolution. That doesn't seem difficult for Canon to achieve. Video? I don't care much about video, but there seems to be a world of details involved in video pipeline, sensor readout, crop, codecs, AF, etc, that "4K", "6K", and "8K" don't begin to explain. The "A9 FPS" claim seems to me to be the hardest to achieve in a meaningful way. 20 FPS with crop, lower depth, rolling shutter, skipped lines, blackout, or any combination of these, would not be "A9 FPS".

2. What is Sony going to do for the A7SIII? They've been biding their time. The A7S and A7SII were pretty disruptive in the area of compact, full frame, video. In the meantime, Panasonic has stepped in in a big way. Now (maybe) this. I have no idea how important this segment is to Sony. Maybe they would rather just compete in the next tier with Venice and such. Maybe they're working on something to make the same kind of disruption that the original A7S did. Looking forward to finding out.

3. What will the the A7IV bring? The 5DS and 5DSr, while certainly leading on the resolution spec sheet, didn't seem to make much of a splash sales-wise. The A7III seemed to steal a lot of Canon's 6DII lunch money. If Sony can pick up market share with a best value in the segment A7IV, maybe nobody cares who's on top of the spec sheet comparisons.

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