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Henry Richardson wrote:

... The EC scale, shutter speed scale, and aperture scale are annoyingly still there,

You can switch it off: Custom Menu, Exp Meter P.5 item 5.

Switching off the Exposure Meter will give us a cleaner screen.

BTW, I suppose you know it already, just in case... Under Setup Menu, P.4, item 3, we can set "EC = Reset". Doing so everytime we power on our camera the EC will default to 0ev. It could be very useful sometimes.

but will disappear when I do anything. Thanks to rashid7 for pointing out that I could skip the confirm/set step and things would work out okay:

So far I am liking this GX7II/GX85 a lot. I have held it at stores in Japan for the last 3 years giving some thought to getting one. Also, I have held the GX7III/GX9 many times. Both are good, but for my use the much lower price and 16mp were fine. By the way, I think the Japanese names are worlds better than the stupid GX85/GX80 and GX9 names.

I had a Panasonic G3 in early 2012 and it was my introduction to m4/3. I got a great deal on the dual lens kit with the 14-42mm and 45-200mm here in Japan so I decided to give m4/3 a try. At the time I was using both Canon and Sony DSLRs. In those days Panasonic had Japanese-only menus here, but I could still use it with some effort. I figured I would not keep it long and then get the E-M5 as soon as it was released. For the last 3-4 years Panasonic cameras sold here have multiple menu languages. Hooray! Sony still sucks in this regard. I did get the E-M5 6 weeks later and then the G3 served just as a backup body while traveling until I got an E-M10 in January 2015. Basically, I only used the G3 for 6 weeks. After getting the E-M10 with the E-M5 as my backup I gave the G3 + 14-42mm to a relative. In January 2019 I bought a Panasonic TX1/ZS100 and carry it around with me whenever I don't have a larger m4/3 camera. So, you can see I am reasonably familiar with Panasonic cameras and their menus, controls, etc.

Maybe later I will write a GX7II user review after spending more time with it. Probably comparing it to my PEN-F (bought in 2016) and my E-M10II (bought in 2015).

Considering the $269 price I paid for this GX7II though I can say it is probably the best bang for buck camera I have ever owned. Very nice camera. Paying full price would change my evaluation, of course, but jeez, $269! Mine seems almost new.

I want to get more familiar with it and then check out the wakeup from sleep mode. I have tried it and it seems pretty fast, but even my relatively slow PEN-F seems fairly fast when I am sitting in a chair playing with it. It is in real world use on the street and traveling though that I will find out if the GX7II is fast enough.

I only have 1 battery so I bought these 2 batteries and charger today and they will probably be delivered tomorrow:

I also use the Dual Slot USB external charger for some years already. It can fully charge 2 batteries by around 3~3.5 hours. Using USB adapter on AC power might be faster by around 10~15 mins than 5V 2A output USB external power bank. Although I use a different brand (should be made by the same manufacturer?), it is very safe.

However, the pair of batteries as per the link are BLE9, a battery of lower capacity than the BLG10 (940mAh vs 1025mAh), is originally for the older models like GF3 etc...

These 2 models are fully compatible to each other, and in real life the difference is not very big especially on generic batteries. Back to the GF3, GX7 and GX85 days, I shared 8 batteries among the 3 cameras (2 main cameras + 1 backup): 2 genius BLE9 and 2 generic BLE9, 2 genius BLG10 and 2 generic BLG10 for years without major issue.

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