X-T4 coming with a X-T200 style flippy screen

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Re: Multi-axis tilt screen vs full swivel screen

SirPalomid wrote:

boogisha wrote:

Also, tilt screen stays aligned with the lens (and camera), while swivel screen sticks out to the side, being both unusual to shoot with (adding to the feeling you`re looking at some external screen, off-camera axis) and making camera volume appear much greater (more attention grabbing, but also requiring different handing).

This. I just hate articulating sxreen, not it only adds volume and grabbs attention, when flipped out, but only this of-camera axis feel is so strange, and I tend to not level horizon properly. When shoting concerts it is so much easier with tilt screen above your head than with articulated on the side (with risk that someone can bump it with hand and damage a camera). Fuji had some clever design of tilt + flip screen in X-T3 (?), so why change it?

Yes. Plus, flipping the screen is often very inconvenient due to straps. By keeping the screen "inside" the camera witdth, each gesture is simpler (and there are less of them, in addition).

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