Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Panasonic exposure compensation?

rashid7 wrote:

i enjoy having this forum for chats. esp when things are cordial. (have to watch my words:)

Thumbs-up to that Rashid

From memory (i sold the camera) I think it might have been the GX8 i had difficulty with?

i.e. RF-style, right-eye on left side EVF, pushes head (& nose) away from quick easy access to Exp Comp on a top or front dial, is my preferred method of shooting.

Its a minor annoyance i also cannot do this on a GM5 without 'pressing' the rear-dial, which is the smallest most-difficult to operate in the range. This makes me take my eye away and i end-up using the display screen, so its EVF becomes superfluous to me. Hence i just avoid using the 'press' dial function on any of my Panasonic cameras.

Its probaly why my GX9 has take-over from GM5 as my evening/fun/leisure stills camera. Plus the external 'grip' has transformed its handling, especially when its paired with the relatively large Pana/Leica 12-60.

Hence i'm personally hoping (dreaming!) for another high-end RF-style - G10/GX10 etc LOL.  If-not, as our business is also expanding into more video work, this year it looks like we will simply be purchasing another couple of G9's.

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