Are you disappointed about the selection of native primes? You shouldn’t.

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Are you disappointed about the selection of native primes? You shouldn’t.

I can tell you – if you don’t already know - that Canon´s selection of native EF-S primes was even more limited when I left Canons DSLR cameras.

I owned the 550D (T2I). For that time a very good camera. When I sold it there was one – yes only one - EF-S prime lens. The (good) EF-S 60mm F.2.8 Macro.)

All other primes were EF lenses

So we were forced to buy EF primes.

Was that a big problem?

Yes, for me at least.

Some good EF lenses were at a reasonable size, weight and price such as the good 85mm f.1.8 and it performed very well on my 550D.

Other lenses, also many L lenses, such as the 35mm f. 1,4L performed much better on my 5DII than on my 550D and the lens is big, heavy and expensive.

At That time Canon sold a lot of DSLR cameras with cropped sensor, and I felt in a way cheated when Canon forced me to by EF primes.

Now I own the EOS-M with the native 22mm F.2.0 and the 11-22 EF-M both very good, affordable and small.

I also ovn two M4/3 newer Panasonic cameras and pretty many native M4/3 lenses.

Opposite Canon I can’t complain Panasonic and Olympus of lack of native M4/3 prime lenses. The selection is huge.

I know there are now better EOS-M cameras than my original EOS-M, but even with this old camera and with the smaller sensor M4/3 cameras it is proven that excellent photos can be achieved if the shooter has the abilities.

So i.m.o. We should blame Canon about the very few really good and fast native EOS-M lenses. The number of native EF-S prime lenses is still very limited.


Canon EOS 550D (EOS Rebel T2i / EOS Kiss X4) Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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