Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens

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Re: Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens

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Re - Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens ?

I have previously owned an X100T. Lovely camera.

The reviews of the latest X100 V seem to be very encouraging. I am particularly impressed by improvements in the lens, sensor 26mp, viewfinder, weather resistance and tilt screen all at a price of £1299.

There are however some great deals to be had on the XPro2 complete with 23mm F2 lens at Fuji UK ( Refurbished ) for around £999.

A difference of £300 which would partly facilitate the purchase of a second lens for the XPro2 albeit that I really love and would be solely content with the 23mm ( full frame equivalent 35mm f/length )

I would appreciate your comments please on :

  1. Which set up do you think will yield the best IQ
  2. Which set up is the most user friendly
  3. Which set up represents better value for money
  4. I have played with the XPro 2 and the EVF does seem somewhat small , the 100f EVF is better whilst the X100V promises to be even better
  5. Any other comments ?

Thank you in anticipation of taking the trouble to read and possibly post replies.



X100V over XPro2 + 23/2. Newest sensor, newer lens, latest film emulation modes, newer/higher resolution EVF and rear screen. The X100V is the better deal. There are other advances in 4K video, AF, etc., since it uses the latest X-Trans generation. I also like the USB-C port and better wireless file transfer.

Saving £300 will only feel like a bargain during the first few months; the XPro2 will not age well from here on out. The X-Pro2 came out back in March 2016.

It completely depends on what the OP wants from the camera. For some people, being restricted to only the 23mm focal length (without taking an IQ hit) will age pretty badly. The X-Pro2 gives access to a whole world of lenses, including faster apertures, not to mention adapted glass. Its image quality is right up there with the newer sensor, and even exceeds it at higher ISO’s (which coupled with the faster glass available makes it substantially better for low light).

Saving £300 may not seem a big deal, but in reality that could mean adding another lens like the 35 1.4, or a zoom, and suddenly the OP has a lot more options and possibilities to play with.

I recently swapped back and forth between an XP2 and XT3 with the newer sensor etc, and honestly for general shooting the performance differences are not that great IMHO. The XP2 is still a fast camera and holds its own in most situations. The newer setup scores in the (literal) edges cases, focussing quicker at the sides of the frame and in lower light levels, but in no way are these night and day advantages for most people. Yes video is better, but the XP2 does perfectly useable 4K, and also gives you at least the option of OIS in the lens. I can’t believe anyone’s considering the completely unstabilised X100V for serious video work unless they’re also investing in a gimbal.

Btw, wireless transfer? In my experience the Bluetooth enabled image sharing on the newer cameras is so poorly implemented (a fault of the app as much as anything) that it really makes no odds. The XP2 has perfectly reliable WiFi that works well, no problem.

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