Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens

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Re: Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens

adam10 wrote:

Re - Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens ?

I have previously owned an X100T. Lovely camera.

The reviews of the latest X100 V seem to be very encouraging. I am particularly impressed by improvements in the lens, sensor 26mp, viewfinder, weather resistance and tilt screen all at a price of £1299.

I can just speak for my point of view - and I would buy the X100V.

It is the newest model, from a technical point. It has the newest sensor, AF, processor, film simulations, screen, EFV - and finally the lens is also really good, and almost on par with the 23/2.

On top of that, it has the built in ND-Filter and a leaf shutter, what will bring you benefits to shoot wide open in the sun, or use a fill flash.

That all, in a really compact package. The X-Pro is bigger, and with the 23/2 the difference is pretty huge.

I jumped into the X-System with the X100s - and I loved the concept of this camera. But the AF was pretty slow, and the lens wasn't the best when used wide open and near the close focus distance.

That's why I upgraded to the X-T1 when it was released. Over the years, it felt like a burden for me to carry all the gear with me. Especially when I became a father, where you have to carry around a lot of other stuff too

I switched to the smaller X-E3, and mostly used the small F2 primes. From a size and weight perspective this was really a step forward, but in the end I mostly take just 2-3 of the primes with me, and use the others on rare occasions. And in the end, even the X-E3 with the 23/2 is too big, to just put it in the jacket. And if you got the choice of different focal lenght, you tend to bring more with you, and in the end you might think too much about missed opportunities, because you didn't brought lens xy with you.

That's why I return to the point where it began - the X100 series. A small, powerfull camera that let you focus on the scene. I sold all of my gear, and preordered the X100V.

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