Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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FrankieB42 wrote:

Expecting we will see more cases like this over time. Photos in last thread clearly showed that Tripod mount in E-M5 mk3 is possible weak point, definitely downgraded compared to even other plastic Olympus body(E- M10 mk3).

And can we please stop with forum members trying to shift blame on PD plate? If it worked fine with dozens of other camera models, if it worked great with previous Olympus models(I have it on my E-M10 mk2 often) and suddenly problems starts to show up with just this model, I think we can see where the issue should be.

The design looks very similar to the E-M10 II's and I'm not sure there is any evidence they downgraded the plastic. The major difference is that the E-M5 III has the bottom port for the grip, which may be a possible source of weakness.

As for the PD plate, it's not necessarily blame, but there may be a possible factor in its design that makes it easier for it to rip out the tripod mount (I double checked and sure enough the other failure was also using a PD plate).

In general tripod mounts aren't designed to be pulled from the bottom (they are designed to mount the camera and lens on tripod), so not sure if there would be any possibility to claim it is Olympus's fault if it fails from such usage. Some people refuse to use tripod mount straps for the same reason.

Check the previous threads on this issue, there were photos of inside of both models. It's not about using different plastic, but about the way tripod mount is mounted.

Fact is, previous models doesn't seem to have such issue. So as much as you want to discuss if it's proper use of tripod mount or not, we can't ignore there was likely some change in Olympus' design, that is now suddenly causing failures with fairly common accessory, used by many people in photography community.

Do you have a link to the thread that compared the two? I only follow the previous case thread briefly and a quick look through didn't find the comparison between the E-M10 and E-M5 III.

Edit: are you talking about this one? This one points out the the design is a direct evolution of the E-M10 designs of different generations. The E-M5 III had the tripod casting inside the chassis (so it was not possible to tell the relative size without further examination), but there was no indication it was an issue.

What I did find is someone said they also broken their tripod mount when using the PD capture clip with the original 2012 E-M5, which was a magnesium alloy body that uses a different tripod mount design.

So it certainly isn't a problem isolated to a plastic body or the E-M5 III tripod mount. It seems a common factor is using a PD plate and a tripod mount strap.

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