Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Carful on the tighten or torque

As a lifetime of turning and tightening I am surprised this is not a more frequent problem. But when these tripod thread straps first came out people were wrecking other brands of cameras probably Nikon as that was the forums I followed.

I was suprised that the plate manufacturer made it so easy to overtighten their bracket by offering a slotted screw notch and a female hex recess in the screw. I would not trust most people to start cranking down with hex keys or industrial quality scewdrivers with handles made for people with big hands on screws set into lightweight "space age plastic" or aluminimum or magnesium. Then there are the two plastic anti twist layers and how about the length of the screw, did it bottom out after all the plastic was compressed? Some cheap plates that I bought required the screw to be shortened. Panasonic gave a dimention not to be exceded in their advanced user manual. My plates screws were long and had to be shortened.

So an"Oldtime" original tripod screw would have had a nurled head about i inch in diameter or one other old tripod had a really thin screw head of only about 1/8" thickness but largeer diameter.  All ways to prevent overtoruqing. Now they give you an L wrench and a screw slot for a quarter or a nickel?  What could go wrong? So to hold a 2# camera and a 2# lens on a tripod with gravity helping hold it all down. Now that is all changed and the camera is hanging from the tripod screw and gravity wants to separate them. Not much chance of that on metal on metal a 1/4 x20 screw torqued to 4.3- 5.7 ft# torque has a clamping load range of 1813 to 1360 # so what is happening? All I am saying is that hanging your gear by a tripod screw thread that was not designed to do that can be risky business. Earlier poster said that a torque limiting type of wrench would be appropiate. The values for torque show that not much is required to get maximum holding power out of a 1/4 x20 screw.

I recently bought a 300 mm prime lens and was testing it, First I found that it could not be handheld even on my stabilized GX8. So then i tryed arca swiss style plates and a monopod better but still uncontrolable. Then the tripods came out and there were conflicts between the multiple soft cork on the tripod and the plastic on the plate it was rocking just as shown in an earlier post here. I am not sure I could have ever tightend the arca style plate and lens foot and tripod to not flex. To many layers of absorbtion that could not be totally compressed. I had to back off as I was sure I was overtorquing a 1/4x20 screw thread, not on the tripod or the arca plate but on the bottom of my cameras. FWIW

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