Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Do Not Over Torque!

LoneTree1 wrote:

400trix wrote:

I’ve seen all sorts of things crushed by too much torque: carbon steer tubes, seat posts, handlebars. Come to think of it, almost everything that can be made out of carbon can be crushed by too much torque. And another term for carbon fiber parts is plastic. Cameras are no different.

As Jan pointed out, the squishy rubber of the PD plate gives the bolt an opportunity to deform the tripod mount. You want something that’s going to have a solid mating surface if you’re going to use Capture Clip. It really is a usage outside what the part is intended for. If you do insist on using it with the E-M5.3, you have to be very, very careful with torque. Get a TorqueKey or something, just to be sure. Maybe the folks at PD could test an E-M5.3 to destruction to figure out what a good torque setting is.

If I were Olympus, I’d probably quietly revise the bottom plate for the next batch. But this is a misuse. It’s just on many cameras it isn’t a problem. On the E-M5.3, it is.

How hard is it to replace? Could the aftermarket offer it?

I do not think you could make it user replaceable. You have to remove screws, and replace the 4 weather seals around the edges and openings of the bottom plate. Many users could do this, but many more could not. Also, it would mean you forfeit your warranty. No, if you need a heavy duty camera, better get a heavy duty camera to begin with. Here again a picture of the EM5.3 baseplate:

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