Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens

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Re: Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens

adam10 wrote:

Re - Fuji X100V or Fuji XPro 2 + 23mm F2 lens ?

I have previously owned an X100T. Lovely camera.

The reviews of the latest X100 V seem to be very encouraging. I am particularly impressed by improvements in the lens, sensor 26mp, viewfinder, weather resistance and tilt screen all at a price of £1299.

There are however some great deals to be had on the XPro2 complete with 23mm F2 lens at Fuji UK ( Refurbished ) for around £999.

A difference of £300 which would partly facilitate the purchase of a second lens for the XPro2 albeit that I really love and would be solely content with the 23mm ( full frame equivalent 35mm f/length )

I would appreciate your comments please on :

  1. Which set up do you think will yield the best IQ
  2. Which set up is the most user friendly
  3. Which set up represents better value for money
  4. I have played with the XPro 2 and the EVF does seem somewhat small , the 100f EVF is better whilst the X100V promises to be even better
  5. Any other comments ?

Thank you in anticipation of taking the trouble to read and possibly post replies.



X100V over XPro2 + 23/2. Newest sensor, newer lens, latest film emulation modes, newer/higher resolution EVF and rear screen.  The X100V is the better deal.  There are other advances in 4K video, AF, etc., since it uses the latest X-Trans generation.  I also like the USB-C port and better wireless file transfer.

Saving £300 will only feel like a bargain during the first few months; the XPro2 will not age well from here on out.  The X-Pro2 came out back in March 2016.

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