Raw developer for new fuji cameras

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Steven Seventeen Junior Member • Posts: 49
You are in luck!

Fuji users are actually quite lucky from this perspective. Every Fuji X camera comes with two free RAW converters:

  • Fuji SILKYPIX. It's a big sluggish, but the image quality is peerless. Its sharpening and de-noise algorithms are particularly impressive.
  • Capture One Express Fujifilm. Also known as C1. The best user interface and color controls of any RAW converter I've ever seen. Also contains image catalog capabilities similar to Lightroom.

Both RAW converters come from 3rd party companies. Both have a partnership with Fuji. Some people mistakenly claim that SILKYPIX gives you the same result as the in-camera JPEG engine. It's not true, it's an approximation just like C1.

I do not recommend RAW therapee or Darktable. Both feature horrid user experience, steep learning curve and cannot easily deliver Fuji Colors. As an avid Linux user for many years I really, really wanted them to work, but in the end I gave up and installed Windows to run SILKYPIX and C1.

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