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Re: Fuji JPG under Catalina

ProfPS wrote:

Hi all,

I've run into an issue where on two MacBook Pros running Catalina, when I copy JPGs from my Fuji to the desktop, a few pictures from each batch show up as corrupted. The affected files display a vertical bar on the right that includes the image information that should be on the left side of the picture.

I initially suspected a card or reader issue, but when I open the files in Capture One or Photomechanic, they display fine, so I suspect it's an incompatibility between my XPro3 and Mac's Image Core, or at least my installations of Catalina (which are pretty standard, by the way).

What's strange is that editing the metadata of the JPG can resolve the issue, but there doesn't appear to be a hack that works for all pictures (I have 10 or so that I do tests on). Where an edit works, I can bring back the issue or remove it by editing that metadata field.

Over 30.000 pictures from other cameras don't exhibit this problem, so I suspect it's on the fuji side. When I contacted them today, Fuji has been really helpful in trying to help out but we haven't found a solution, yet.

The workaround that I've found for now is to use Capture One for ingest, and let it export new JPGs. Not my preferred workflow and hopefully Fuji will find a solution.

I hope I'm alone in this but if you recognise the symptoms, feel free to chip in.

I’m using Catalina and the Pro3 and have not seen the issue you seem to have. I however don’t use a card reader but simply plug in the camera to the Mac and use Image Capture to download the images I want.

From the symptom you describe, it sounds like a synchronization issue which could be in writing the file to the card or taking it off.  It could also be a card issue.  Other than the line is the image random garbage or what you would expect?

like I said so far using Image capture over a USBC cable, I have not seen any issues. I’ll keep an eye out.

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