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Bjorn74 wrote:

PaulV wrote:

Is this another thread based on simply a “gut feeling?”

So please, help me to have higher hopes. Because I have invested in a Z6 and three Z lenses (85/1.8, 50/1.8 and 14-30/4) also have 300/4 PF and 105 macro, but I'm starting to wobble against EOS R5.

What does the EOS R5 have that your Z6/Z7 does not have?

Seriously, folks are acting like it's the next coming of the Messiah!

Is the bar for Canon set that low? Your Nikon already has IBIS and 12 frames mechanical.

The only real tangible upgrade is the 2 card slot, but that is only an advantage if they go with CFExpress, not if they use SD.

With regards to the 8K video, please watch Matt Grainger's YouTube video on the announcement. Canon has classically announced specs like 4K on previous cameras only to find out that it is extremely soft and has a 1.78X crop (EOS R) no 10 Bit and definitely not RAW capable.

Notice that they keep saying 8K capture so you can down sample to 4K, this means that the 8K is not really usable or will have so many restrictions and cropping that for all intents and purposes it is really only a 4K camera.

So I repeat, what does the EOS R5 have over the Z6/Z7 (2 card slots), do you not think that Nikon's next camera won't have 2 card slots? In the interview with the Nikon exec, he all but tells us outright that the next camera will have 2 card slots.

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