Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Panasonic exposure compensation?

brentbrent wrote:

rashid7 wrote:

The GX8 allows me to use both the analog and "soft" top EVF controls simultaneously. As long as analog = zero, then my front dial controls EV (-:

"GX8?" Is that a typo? If not, are you sure? I'm pretty certain the GX8 does NOT allow the user to control exposure comp in any way other than by turning the physical EC dial on the top plate. I know I looked long and hard, and could not find any menu setting to assign EC to either dial. In aperture or shutter mode, the front and rear dials just do the same thing. In manual mode one controls aperture and one shutter speed.

Maybe I better go try it again. If you found some menu setting that allows this, please tell me where it is! What mode are you shooting in?

You are absolutely correct Brent.  I will use the excuse of my advanced age (67), ha ha.

I was confusing it with my A7rii, which has that option... and which i've set up to work as described above.

Too bad Panasonic did not give us that option!

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