X-T4 coming with a X-T200 style flippy screen

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While I’m usually not picky about this sort of stuff, and think people will “just deal with it,” I think the criticism is warranted here.
Buying a Fujifilm is all about the user experience, and compromising such an important element of it is a meh decision. Especially when the X-T100 mechanism exists, or at least the Sony a6400 (flips upwards).

The flip upward is problematic if you're mounting anything to the hot shoe. Flip down is problematic if you're using a tripod or sitting the camera on a table/etc. Flip to the side can be problematic with cables being plugged in.

I hadn't seen the S-1H screen before - that is a somewhat complex but interesting solution.

No company every makes everyone happy. Some people want a forward-facing screen capability. Some (many?) just want a tilt screen. Some (few?) want a screen that doesn't move at all. No pleasing everyone...

Something that would really please everyone would be to better develop connectivity to smartphones so that connecting (through Bluetooth, WiFi, anything) is super quick and easy, and then being able to use the phone screen as an external monitor.

If that tech were really perfected, youtubers, videographers and selfie takers would not worry nearly as much about the screen facing forward because they could easily frame and check their shot on their phone. Too bad this doesn’t feel evolving at all. It remains a total pain for every company.

This. Good call Keith!

Imagine a hot shoe mount that holds your cell phone as a monitor screen.

Already exists - lots of them


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