EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

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New 24mp Sensor would enable Olympus to sell future EM1-4, EM10-4, E-PL11

MrALLCAPS wrote:

007peter wrote: What i don't understand is that if Olympus can afford to fly many online Journalist to Costa-Rica for an Olympus EM1-III preview, then Olympus has the money to

  • Why not give m43 what we really want?
  • why keep giving us GIMMICKS?
  • why waste money flying journalist across the world?
  • I would rather have the current EM1-2 with a new sensor without gimmick, then this EM1-3 with an old sensor but tons of gimmicks.

It's WAY more cheaper for Olympus to fly influencers to a tropical location and write it off as promotion, than pay Sony to make a new M43 sensor. They would probably also have to buy a lot. I'm sure the minimums on sensors especially custom or new ones are crazy expensive.

True, but there is NO WAY around the need for a new sensor. Engadget release a very critical review against Olympus E-M1-III and I agree with everything he said. Particularly @the end when he complain you should just buy buy $999 Panasonic G9 instead, because it is using the same 20mp sensor anyways.

While I am not sure how expensive the minimal order is for a new sensor, I also know that M43 will DIED without a new sensor. We are lacking behind APS-C Canon by 2 generations already. It is high time for a 24mp BSI sensor or a 28mp.

More importantly, a new sensor would allow Olympus to sell Future Models:

  • EM1-IV with 24mp BSi sensor
  • EM5-IV with 24mp BSi sensor
  • EM10-IV with 24mp BSi sensor
  • EPL-11 with 24mp BSi sensor

Any attempt to selling (yet another 20mp sensor) will fade into irrelevance, that is where Olympus is going.  I'm not saying this because I hate Olympus, but I just frustrated with Olympus wasting money on Costa Rica, wasting money on "software" gimmick with gimmicky Live ND that produce horrible FAKE results.   Stop the GIMMICK, we want new sensor!   Notice how bad the fake ND look:  I don't need this kind of GIMMICK

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