EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

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(Wasting money) There are other financial issues

007peter wrote:

MrALLCAPS wrote:

mrwho27 wrote: I have to say I am quite disappointed that they went with the same old sensor (image processor does not seem to provide any gains either)

So Olympus showed their hand with the EM1X, EM5 MkIII and now the EM1 MkIII.

Not a good hand at all, unless your looking thru the eyes of an Olympus faithful. Moving forward, unless they improve specs, it will only look worse, not to mention, what about the competition and their response to this EM1?

Yeah....that is the Big Problem. Fuji XT-4 is coming in February 26:


Its rumor to have IBIS as well. While I'm not sure if XT-4 will hav a new sensor, its 26mp sensor in current XT-3 is already Head & Shoulder above the 20mp M43 sensor. The price will likely remain the same $1499. If so, that is under-cutting the new $1800 Olympus EM1-III by $300. Like Olympus, Fuji don't own sensor plant, Fuji has to buy sensor from Sony like everyone else other than Canon.

There are also the exciting Canon R5 and the cheaper R6 fullframe coming. Both Sony A7 IV and Canon R6 are rumor to be price around $2000, so the HEAT is on from the competition soon.

What i don't understand is that if Olympus can afford to fly many online Journalist to Costa-Rica for an Olympus EM1-III preview, then Olympus has the money to

  • Why not give m43 what we really want?
  • why keep giving us GIMMICKS?
  • why waste money flying journalist across the world?
  • I would rather have the current EM1-2 with a new sensor without gimmick, then this EM1-3 with an old sensor but tons of gimmicks.

There is a certain minimum order size question to contract a new sensor fabrication.

We can have our choices - pay more per camera for a smaller build commitment. Or Olympus might find alternative use for the surplus of sensors that were ordered (and need to be paid for) or risk a substantial back charge for not buying the contracted quantity.

Even Panasonic and Olympus clubbing together might not make for a big enough order to get a market viable price.

Then there is an issue of updating every model made to a larger sensor - in order to sell enough bodies with this sensor to make up the contracted purchase numbers.

Many of course will discover that they are actually quite happy with their existing 20mp sensor (or even their 16mp sensor).

So how about a crowd funding ...

There is a certain consumer attitude that if a company builds a camera exactly how a proponent wished it then they would buy it. Of course the proponent also reserves the right not to purchase when it hits the shelves - it may not be considered good enough, or more likely it will simply “cost too much”.

Oh and there is a certain diminishing rate of returns for pixel when the pixels are upped at 4Mp per new sensor. 20->24mp is just a 20% increase - and some wondered if 16->20Mp at 25% was really worth it. On the other hand 4->8mp sensor uplift was great

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