Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Panasonic exposure compensation?

Deekie wrote:

rashid7 wrote:

Deekie, it is ironic that on our GX9's there are so many different ways to set EV...

1) the analog dial, which i deactivate *

2) the click function of top thumb dial, which cannot be reprogrammed

3) Setting either top dial to do it without any other steps * (not active in M )

I also select the menu option for it to always return to zero EV after sleep, shutdown, or mode changes

*note: in order to set one of the top dials to EV, you must 1st deactivate the analog/hard dial

Aye thanks, me too, i always deactivate it LOL

Its handy features like these and great image quality which has me sticking with Panasonic. On an earlier model, also with a dedicated Ex Comp dial like the GX9, i found the dedicated dial too stiff and awkward to use whilst looking through the EVF, which slowed me up a bit. For what i tend to shoot, A-mode and quick adjustement of Exp Comp seems to be my primary style. So much so, that even on my everyday work G9 i have Exp Comp set to the front dial for speediest operation.

I am fan of the opposite of 'return to zero' because i tend to shoot the same things every day/week ...i bet if i had time to check, the majority of what i have captured was done at about +1/3 or +2/3 Exp Comp?

Although they are great cameras, its the Pana/Leica 8-18 which has transformed my images the most, so i've never been more happy than with this combo.

The GX8 allows me to use both the analog and "soft" top EVF controls simultaneously.  As long as analog = zero, then my front dial controls EV (-:

I would love to own the 8-18.  I have the 7-14f4.  Lost my 9-18 at Yosemite.  Actually, if i bought another wide it would be the Laowa 7.5.


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