Welp, no 6K in the X-T4 it is.

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Re: I couldn't care less

robertfel wrote:

marco1974 wrote:

let me guess, is this about cropping after the fact, a bit like in stills? So, it really boils down to getting away with sloppy framing and /or using the wrong lens to begin with?

Or it could be the art director asking for one crop, but the creative director (her boss) asking for a different crop after the shoot is over.

I had a set where they originally insisted on showing 3 products together, then it was decided to show them separately, it happens; I guess you can call that sloppy if you like.

I'll still be looking at the XT-4, I don't need 6K, just nice to have.

In a perfect world we have the time and gear to get the perfect shot. I have yet to wake up in a perfect world. Often I have to set up a camera to capture video and let it run while I do other things, and the subjects may or may not stay within frame. So I'll commonly shoot wider than I should just in case. If I'm shooting 4K and delivering HD, cropping happens and still looks good.

Or as you note, you capture something and two weeks later someone wants a different framing. In a perfect world on the original shoot you'd capture a bunch of different framing options. But we're back to the reality of an imperfect world.

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