Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

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Re: Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

There's always a feeding frenzy on the DPReview forums after every camera release. The comments on almost every new camera release and review are largely hilarious (sometimes pretty sad). The E-M1ii is a terrific camera and the M1iii provides many refinements. I have no doubt it'll be a great photographic tool. And if it brings features that meet YOUR needs, that's really the only thing that should count. Things like hand held high resolution are pretty significant. As are things like the improvements in IBIS, which was already remarkable. I'm certainly a camera designer or engineer, but I suspect that innovations in camera design will be pretty incremental. At least until some radically different sensor technology becomes available. Folks on these forums forget that people were making terrific photos with 6mp cameras like the Nikon D40. It made lovely images. It's totally eclipsed by current technology. But if you gave a hack the best camera in the world, and a person with a really good eye the D40, I'd bet on the later to come back with the images that would be interesting. If it meets your needs, ignore all the noise permeating most forums and youtube videos.

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