X-T4 coming with a X-T200 style flippy screen

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Re: Multi-axis tilt screen vs full swivel screen

Batdude wrote:

boogisha wrote:

Bugsy-ef wrote:

I may be just super daft, and there is loads of sarcasm in this thread which is sailing way over my head - but I see nothing wrong with the X-T200 type of screen.

What is that style of screen preventing you from doing so that you're already dismissing the camera itself. It pops out, rotates 180, what else do you want?

i was asking that same question but then boogisha explains the problem below.

It`s not about preventing, but being less optimal for repetitive low(er) angle shooting (in landscape mode).

For example, with full swivel screen, you need to flip it out to the left first, then tilt up. Shoot, then repeat - align, flip back. It`s 4 steps of screen operation, in comparison to only 2 with plan tilt screen (tilt up, shoot, tilt back). In everyday photography, it adds up, and becomes annoying easily. See X-T100 for possibly the best tilt screen implementation (better than X-T3`s, even, in my opinion).

Also, tilt screen stays aligned with the lens (and camera), while swivel screen sticks out to the side, being both unusual to shoot with (adding to the feeling you`re looking at some external screen, off-camera axis) and making camera volume appear much greater (more attention grabbing, but also requiring different handing).

Damn no freaking way! After you explained it I now understand what you are saying since I’ve never used a camera with a swivel screen.

I too shoot a LOT in lower level in landscape position in really fast paced environments and from the way you explained it above that doesn’t sound nice. 😬

So if the T4 comes with a swivel screen for what type of photographers is it aimed for?

That's exactly the problem. It's for video guys and for YouTubers

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