Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Not Olympus fault

whumber wrote:

JustTheDad wrote:

If your tripod mount has a soft rubber pad surrounded by a hard edge, and you compress the rubber pad to a point where the hard plastic edge is touching the base, then tightening more pulls down on the tripod screw. You can exert a lot of force on something that way. Probably more than just the weight of the camera bouncing around on a strap. The flex it will inflict is limited compared to the strap mount, but it materials fatigue, the plastic may be too brittle...

For a given tightening torque, the tension felt by the tripod mount is not going to be any different if it's metal on metal or if there's a rubber layer in between.

That's not necessarily true. If you have a hard plate that is in contact with the base of the camera, you are pressing the camera and the plate together.

If you have a soft pad surrounded by hard edges, then you are pulling the female threaded part out of the camera. It's essentially a bearing extractor.

Imagine it as a plastic cup with nothing in it, instead of a plastic cup filled with compressible rubber. If you think about it that way you can see why the rubber pad is an issue. Now, if the rubber pad is not inset in the plastic or metal base, and is simply glued on to a flat plate with a hole in it, you have less risk, but it's still placing more stress on the camera's tripod insert.

I'm not saying that excuses Olympus for the design flaw. I think the design is terrible and they need to fix it. It's a pretty easy fix and won't require a lot of re-engineering.

I still like the camera, and since my daughter is using it as a travel camera and since her little Oben TT100 won't place anything near the stress a Peak Design Slide or the larger padded tripod mount pictured above could create, I'm not worried.

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