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Re: OK, again - I'm always amazed at how...

Ben Herrmann wrote:

...some folks can use a lens such as this and achieve stellar results and report accordingly, while some others may trash the lens and then talk about poor results. The same holds true for cameras also - but the key variable here is if it's a problem across the board, or just a bad copy. Some will bash a particular camera model, while others will sing its praises - go figure. So who's right here? I happen to think that the OP is NOT! Of course, if you have a bad copy of anything, your viewpoints will be shaped by that particular product.

However (and this is a huge "however"), if based on just one copy of the lens, you proclaim to the world that this particular product (in general) sucks to the max and is overrated, then expect some (or plenty) of blowback.

Let the games begin.

And similarly, if you have a good copy of a particular product, your viewpoint will be shaped accordingly...

The problem seems to be that there is substantial copy-to-copy variability with this lens. Reports are all over the place. Some people even report of going through multiple copies of this lens before getting a good one. My own copy of this lens has some substantial decentering issues. Personally, if my opinion of Fuji optics was based off my experience with the 18-55, I'd ditch this system all together.

The unfortunate thing is that some new Fuji users purchase this lens and get a mediocre copy. Then if they come around here saying their copy is mediocre they get a bunch of people telling them it's a really great lens. Often in a less than friendly manner.

I think a better message would be that the 18-55mm is capable of being very good optically, but you should be prepared to go through multiple copies until you get a satisfactory one. At least, that's what I would recommend to someone who is considering buying this lens.

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