Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Here it is in the GX85 manual

evetsf wrote:

Speaking of that dedicated EC dial, I hope Panasonic is reading this thread because I'm going to make a request for the design of the next GX body: make that dial do something else! Its current assignment is clearly a case of form over function: why limit the Dial to +-3EV EC when the camera does +-5EV but you have to use a different control to go beyond 3? Totally redundant.

Instead, make that thing a drive-mode dial. It's nothing new for Panasonic; they already have drive mode stacked under the exposure mode dial on the G9 and the S1 series, and I find the lack of one on the GX9 rather annoying.

My main issue with the dials on the GX9 is that a smaller body + stacked dials = a cut down mode dial with only one C setting, instead of 3 on the G9 and older GX7.

Personally I like having a direct dedicated EC control rather than having to push a button first. What I'd rather have is a G9 style control ring to replace the Dpad on the back of the camera. That provides a 3rd customisable control for EC, ISO, or various other settings, without adding extra dials to the fairly crowded top panel.

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