Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

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So where to from here?

Fuji has great stuff, and with a new camera to be announced imminently, it will be a compelling line, especially with IBIS.

So, those folks deciding to move from m4/3s to Fuji, or Nikon, or Sony, buy the new body, and then count the cost of a lens lineup they ALSO need to replace.

All I can say is, those folks have a lot more money than me.  If you can do it, more power to you.  For the rest of us, I really think the glass is at least half full.  My m4/3s gear - and it's split between Oly and Pany - is excellent, be it body or glass.  I have confidence in it, since the poor shots that I take are almost NEVER the fault of the gear.  Robin Wong, Trevor Carpenter, Roel Hendrix and a host of other posters show us what you can do with m4/3s.  I have a long way to go to get there, but with practice and persistence I can....with the gear I have.

A better EVF...OLED vs LCD screens....I really don't see my success revolving around that.  Nice?  Yeah.  Necessary?  I guess that's in the eye and mind of the user.

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