No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

I'm not a pro. Let alone a sports shooting pro. Maybe you're right, and Canon and Nikon will continue making DSLRs for pro sports and that's all they'll use.

I do know, though, that some of the pro sports shooters are sponsored by the manufacturers. Obviously the point is to sell cameras. Sell pro cameras to organizations and non-sponsored independent photographers; sell pro cameras to amateurs that can afford them; sell enthusiast and lower line cameras to amateurs whose attention was caught by the first two tiers or pros using the higher end models. With their line-up of two years ago, I doubt Sony could have lured away any of the sponsored shooters - the lenses were just not there. What about now, though?

Nobody is trying to sell film cameras. The F6 was released in 2004. I'm impressed and happy that Nikon still makes and supports the F6 and F80, but there's no market that comes from this; not like the market that is driven and influenced by digital sports photography.

What I think is happening is that Sony is working hard to turn some top names to their side, with the plan to get the second tier to start buying into their pro lineup as well. Pros that own their own gear are certainly going to be less inclined to switch... what happens, though, when Canon and Nikon are offering their top tier stuff in mirrorless instead of DSLR?

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