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As long as Nikon refuse to build compelling products for its users to upgrade to, I don’t see this trend changing. The D780 improved too little over the D750 and now it appears that the D6 improves too little over the D5.

I sincerely hope that Nikon fix the problems they currently have with the Z cameras in the next product generation because otherwise there really is nowhere for their current DSLR user base to go. Both their mirrorless and updated DSLR’s offerings are just not improved enough over existing cameras to warrant buying into IMHO.

A recent quote from Brad Hill "Because of their toxicity and incivility I almost never poke my nose into any photography forums, but I am guessing that right now a lot of negative things are being said about Nikon and the D6 in those forums".

Having tried a D780 (have you?) it is a far better camera than some are assuming without handling the camera.

For perhaps 90% of photographers 90% of the time the Z system is excellent - even ignoring the increased optical performance of Z lenses.

The few that have handled a pre production D6 or are established Nikon Pros seem very optimistic about the D6.

Have you seen a pre production Z6?

No one said these cameras don't work or are bad. There's no doubt that both the D6 and D780 will take great photos in the right hands. What is being said is that neither are particularly compelling to upgrade to if one already has a D750 or D5. The view just isn't worth the climb (or price). And that's a huge marketing problem for Nikon.


Well, what do you do if you are Nikon? Release incremental upgrades every 2-3 years, or stand pat on a 6 year old body because the upgrade isn't significant enough? Their strategy is not different than other tech like Cell phones. Only the hardcore update with every refresh.

Look at it this way if you were Nikon, where would you rather be in two years time? Selling 6 year old 750s and D5s, or selling 2 year old 780s and D6s? That's something the stat sheet PHDs never account for. You have to keep moving forward, even if your update won't appeal to the person who bought the model just before it.

People should be happy they are creating new product, even if it doesn't scratch their instant gratification itch.

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