Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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reality check

Zacarias wrote:

joger wrote:

So we finally have it .

A real technology competition.

  • new developed (40 MP ??) sensor - maybe higher DR and less noise?
  • PRO features
    • dual slot memory
    • 20 fps silent shooting
  • higher end video features

I am happy for the Canon fans we'll have finally the first interesting MILC form competition for the Sony A7R IV and A9 II

I know - there will be lots of sentiment and personal view - i view it as good competition and finally a statement to take MILCs seriously.

Personally I won't switch back to Canon - too late and too little. Now the important question: What will be the price?

What do you guys think?

...for Canon to wake up. The R5 specs look very, very good! Didn't we all want to see a higher resolution A9II at 20 FPS Silent?

no - I never wanted more than 10 FPS for 60 MP

I might want 8k60P though in filming - which should be two completely different animals in terms of sensor requirement.

Just to remind you 8k means 7680x4320 => 33 MPat best case 60 FPS - no need for a traditional camera setup any more

( just grab a film and cut out the images you like )

Did Canon beat Sony to it? Sure seems that way on paper anyway.

we only have very sparse information to say the least - let alone real world results.

Hoping Canon was also able to improve their current lackluster DR/ISO with their new sensor built for the R5 too.

I doubt that - given the history from Canon

The R5 is the first Canon camera ever to catch my eye so far.

Agreed - that’s my sentiment as well.

I am surprised by the switching discussion.

There are so many things I disliked at Canon and Nikon and I don’t sense any change in their behavior to date.

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