EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

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Re: EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

Mark B UK wrote:

I'm in an additional category: 'wait and see.' Two things I'm waiting for are the Fuji X-T4 and to see how long it takes for the price of the E-M1 mk3 to drop, and how far it goes.

The X-T4 tempts me, but I'd want to know more. Liking the m43 lenses I've got (12-100 and 25 1.2) and there being no direct equivalent of the former for the Fuji mean it would have to be some way ahead of the Olympus to win me over.

I think with Fuji it's pretty much this: if you are shooting longer telephoto and you want small, stay in m43rds.  If you are in the 20mm to 70/100 equivalent range, you may want to consider Fuji.

If it doesn't, I'll pass on the e-M1 mk3 right now as it has launched in the UK at a high price (£1599) but with a free gift (Capture One Pro 20) which I don't want, as I'm a LightRoom user and don't want to switch and will instead wait and see what happens to the price when the promotion ends. £200 off might tempt me; another £100 might do the job.

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