Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Here it is in the GX85 manual

Henry Richardson wrote:

brentbrent wrote:

I don't know what could cause that, but I'm pretty sure I have never seen a two-step EC adjustment procedure like you describe with any of the eight Panasonic cameras I have owned, nor do I recall ever reading about such a thing in any manual.

Well, now it is getting really weird. My camera does it and the GX85 manual describes exactly what I am experiencing and yet you don't have it happen on any of your cameras. I have to do steps 1, 2, and 3 as described in the manual. Do you remember how you set up yours so that there is no step 3? Note, I have set in the menu to use the rear dial for EC so I don't have to do step 1. Only steps 2 and 3. If I half-press on the shutter button it does the same confirmation as pressing on the rear dial in step 3.

Did you do a full reset of all settings after you bought this camera used? If not, I'd try that, or double-checking your configuration setting for the rear dial. Perhaps evetsf is on to something. Good luck.

Yes, I did a full reset before I started using the camera.

Yes this is what I asked about earlier: notice those two items marked "A" & "C" in the diagram to the right of step 2? Those are what I was after: do you see them when you adjust EC?

So far your GX85 seems to be working exactly the same as my GX9. One thing that other GX9 users have mentioned here is that the dedicated EC dial on the top plate needs to be turned OFF before the rear dial will work the way you want. The GX85 is probably the same. This option is in the Dial Set portion of the Menus.

Once you've done that you should be able to set the rear dial to EC without having to do the before & after click. That will still be there, for quick access to the other options like flash EC & exposure bracketing setup.

Speaking of that dedicated EC dial, I hope Panasonic is reading this thread because I'm going to make a request for the design of the next GX body: make that dial do something else! Its current assignment is clearly a case of form over function: why limit the Dial to +-3EV EC when the camera does +-5EV but you have to use a different control to go beyond 3? Totally redundant.

Instead, make that thing a drive-mode dial. It's nothing new for Panasonic; they already have drive mode stacked under the exposure mode dial on the G9 and the S1 series, and I find the lack of one on the GX9 rather annoying.


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