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Re: My frustration

hwvlover wrote:

Horacecoker wrote:

I remain a fan of the camera and continue to try and find ways round these focus issues. One of those ways being get closer to your target.

You are absolutely right. The closer the better!

All three images are SOOC jpegs, no crops, no noise reduction or any other post processing. I am sure that two of them can be enhanced a bit.

The Chaffinch was too small in the frame to enhance to my admittedly high required minimum standard but the Blue Tit was fair game. Hope you like it.

Very nice, good job David, thank you. Did it require much time in Lightroom and/or Topaz Denoise to get from A to B? It is the way you have brought out the detail of the feathers which particularly appeals.
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Thanks David, glad you like it. Until Denoise AI came along I wouldn't go beyond 400 ISO for birds but now, like your shot, 800 ISO isn't a problem. There's no quick fix, I always start off in Lightroom for cropping, lifting shadows, reducing highlights, and increasing brightness (mid-tones) among other things. Then the image is exported to Photoshop for tricky stuff like getting rid of the feeder string etc. At this stage, I also use Denoise AI in Photoshop as a plug-in. I start off very low with the sliders and keep increasing them and checking the preview until I'm happy with the result. Also the beauty of using Denoise as a plug-in is the fact that even when I press 'save' and Denoise AI does its stuff and sends the image back to photoshop, I can still fine-tune the effect in Photoshop by using the Fade slider. I did use the enhance sharpen slider in Denoise AI for your image but kept it lowish.

And finally, I click 'Select' in Photoshop then 'Select Subject'. This new feature has to be seen to be believed, it just selects the bird, its legs and feet too without selecting the suet block! I then do a final sharpen just on the bird with USM (Unsharp Mask) a daft name for a fantastic sharpening tool. A also used the dodge tool to selectively bring out more lightness on darker areas (on the wing in this case). As can be seen, I can do all this with jpegs as in this case. But RAW files are much better to work with for lifting shadows etc.

All that takes time and that's the reason I only keep my best images and everything else gets binned. The idea of spending time processing an image with a glimpse of a bird through a mass of branches, twigs and other vegetation would be downright silly for me.

I did have a go at your Chaffinch so I may as well post it but as you can see due to the distance the bird was from the camera it is not brilliant. I can't bring detail out of the feathers if it's not lurking there to start with. First the original.


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