Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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Re: Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

tqlla wrote:

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joger wrote:

So we finally have it .

A real technology competition.

  • new developed (40 MP ??) sensor - maybe higher DR and less noise?
  • PRO features
    • dual slot memory
    • 20 fps silent shooting
  • higher end video features

I am happy for the Canon fans we'll have finally the first interesting MILC form competition for the Sony A7R IV and A9 II

I know - there will be lots of sentiment and personal view - i view it as good competition and finally a statement to take MILCs seriously.

Personally I won't switch back to Canon - too late and too little. Now the important question: What will be the price?

What do you guys think?

I can still switch. All I have is a Batis 85mm and adapted lenses. Sonys weak support for the A-mount lenses, means I have little incentive to stay.

What I would be interested in is, how good is the AF, and how bad is the banding/distortion looks using the silent shutter.

If you switch brands every time one leapfrogs another, you’ll be changing every 6 months. This is very good news for Sony owners b/c now Sony has to focus on dealing with real competition for the first time. Instead of simply adding more mp, it will need to address the user experience, base ISO and ergonomics.

Thats a problem for people who are committed to an eco-system. I can switch easily because I am not committed to E-mount, just as Sony hasnt committed to supporting their A-mount users.

Canon has a better migration path for their users,

how does canon have a "better migration path", when they are currently trying to support four different mounts, ef-m is not compatible with rf-mount, no crop body with rf-mount, you can't use canon milc glass on canon dslr bodies, etc.

canon is a hodge-podge mess

whereas Sony has continually put hurdles in the way of their A-mount users. In addition to this, Sony is on their 4th gen A7 series(A7Riv, A9ii), and still no flip screen, which they could have easily made a thinner/metal version of the A77 articulating screen years ago.

the new d6 has a fixed rear lcd.

companies include features that the majority of users want.

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