Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Jan Chelminski
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7 screenshots from the vid.

Subject was too jumpy to study while playing this video, so I paused and took some screen shots:

My opinion on this, is that this issue is a result of a design/specification/process error by Olympus, combined with less than ideal (over-tightening plate, probably using a heavier lens, or hard handling) judgement by the operator, using a poorly designed tripod plate.

Unfortunately, I think this bottom plate weakness will claim more victims, as many will not have awareness of the associated dangers, before experiencing similar failure.

If Olympus wanted (intentionally) to go this route, they then needed to provide clear warning(s) to buyers and provide a custom plate, or similar as a solution. Ideally, better initial specification would have been preferred, this is quite disappointing.

Tripod plate by Peak, extremely poor design.

But the above statement is not to suggest Olympus should not have done better!

Raised, asymmetrical tripod pad surface

Tripod plate has raised rubber pad

Rubber pad of plate extends beyond camera plate at rear

And also extended way past front edge of camera plate surface

Here we can clearly see the impression the tripod interface surface left in the rubber of the T-Plate.

The only solid bearing surface was the 1/4-20 fastener surround, made of aluminum. It was pushed forward to the front edge of the cameras tripod surface, recipe for a failure.



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