Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Panasonic exposure compensation?

rashid7 wrote:

Deekie, it is ironic that on our GX9's there are so many different ways to set EV...

1) the analog dial, which i deactivate *

2) the click function of top thumb dial, which cannot be reprogrammed

3) Setting either top dial to do it without any other steps * (not active in M )

I also select the menu option for it to always return to zero EV after sleep, shutdown, or mode changes

*note: in order to set one of the top dials to EV, you must 1st deactivate the analog/hard dial

Aye thanks, me too, i always deactivate it  LOL

Its handy features like these and great image quality which has me sticking with Panasonic.  On an earlier model, also with a dedicated Ex Comp dial like the GX9, i found the dedicated dial too stiff and awkward to use whilst looking through the EVF, which slowed me up a bit.  For what i tend to shoot, A-mode and quick adjustement of Exp Comp seems to be my primary style.  So much so, that even on my everyday work G9 i have Exp Comp set to the front dial for speediest operation.

I am fan of the opposite of 'return to zero' because i tend to shoot the same things every day/week ...i bet if i had time to check, the majority of what i have captured was done at about +1/3 or +2/3 Exp Comp?

Although they are great cameras, its the Pana/Leica 8-18 which has transformed my images the most, so i've never been more happy than with this combo. 

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