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Macro guy wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Tim O'Connor wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

UK, but I expect others have something similar:


To be honest it doesn't say much!

It doesnt sound like the 8K is gimped though:

Commit your best work to stunning 8K video and relish the prospect of exciting new possibilities for creative capture. At such a high resolution, EOS R5 allows you to fully expand the genre of filmmaking and explore dynamic new ways of telling your story.

It's marketing speak, but they do make it sound like 'proper' 8K. I do very little video but the idea of shooting 8K and cropping to 4K in post sounds very appealing. I think it's more important to have very, very good 4K though.

I never understood this obsession with video on a still camera. If you want proper video implementation, then why noy get a proper video camera? Video on a still or hybrid camera will always be compromised.

Because, a still digital camera has 90% of the equipment to be a good video camera built into it already. And any hardware improvement added to make video usually helps the camera do a better job with stills anyway.

Why not add a little more software for a great secondary capability, maybe 95% of a dedicated video camera, even if it is used rarely?

The video out of a still camera is not "compromised", it just doesn't have to ability to do some fancy things that dedicated video cameras can. But still photographers who don't expect to need such effects would rather have the capability to do decent video built into their still cameras for the small price of a little extra software.

I too rarely use video features on my camera, but it is nice to have.

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