EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

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Re: EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

Well I am sticking to my old em5.1 for time being.

I had an em1.1 but sold it and some long pro glass when I went to a d500 etc for wildlife.

Perversely, I really like what I read about the capability of the em1.2 - paticularly, that in terms of noise at higher iso if not dr, it gets into aps-c sensor territory.

I am tracking used prices of the em1.2 so if they continue to fall, following the release of the em1.3 , I will probably get one - I hope this year.

actually - just checked em1.2: new panamoz with 3 yr uk based warranty 894 gbp, used/ excellent mpb uk 824. getting close now....

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