Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Here it is in the GX85 manual

alcelc wrote:

Got it.

Dear friend, you pushed the back dial which will take you to EC, which is a redundant feature of GX85.

I said redundant because that it is sort of single dial operation carried over from G1. Until now despite GX7 and GX85 uses a 2 dials control, Panny keeps the pushable feature but has also added with 2 controls to it.

Actually when we are in A or S, it is a default of GX85 to have one dial for aperture/ SS, and the other dial for EC. We just set the job to either front or back dial for our convenience only. So if you assign EC to back dial, just scroll the back dial you will set EC directly. No need to push the Back Dial.

I personally prefer to set EC to the back dial on other models. However, might be a problem of my copy of GX85, I found it quit hard to use the back dial (some reports that had broken it). As EC is the most used features of mine, I set EC to the front dial.

Actually the default is for both dials to do the same thing.  You need to go to the custom menu under controls and set EV as the active parameter of one top dial

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