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My frustration

with focus, which I know others have had.
I was waiting to get some close ups and saw the chaffinch in the distance, maybe 12-15 yards away. Now I know that some will say that a small bird at that distance and in that background would be tricky.
I was set up in AF-C with my focus area being lock-on expand flexible spot. I was in high speed burst. I aimed at the bird, had the focus square on the bird, got green and took the shot. I got this, well actually seven out-of-focus shots of the chaffinch.

the camera had obviously lost focus as I took the shot......perhaps that is a problem with having continuous focus switched on for such shots, the focus might well get distracted by something else, seemingly the leaves above it here. Not sure how that works if you have acquired the target in lock-on.
I then tried again, everything the same and got this

It might well be that I was pushing things a bit but with the focus square apparently on the bird that is quite a range in two results. I would appreciate anyone who has the ability to spot the focus point letting me know where it actually was in both photographs...I know where it was showing.

I remain a fan of the camera and continue to try and find ways round these focus issues. One of those ways being get closer to your target.

All three images are SOOC jpegs, no crops, no noise reduction or any other post processing. I am sure that two of them can be enhanced a bit.

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