Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Panasonic exposure compensation?

Henry Richardson wrote:

Yesterday I bought I got a very nice, used GX7II (GX85) for $269 here in Japan. I have been going through the PDF manual I downloaded and getting it configured. One weird thing that I can't figure out though concerns exposure compensation. I have it configured for the rear dial, like I have for just about every camera I have owned for many years: Olympus, Sony, Canon, Pentax, etc. The weird thing about this Panasonic though is that when I turn the rear dial to adjust exposure compensation it then requires me to do a second step and confirm it. This slows things down a lot and until I confirm it I can't adjust the aperture, etc. I usually shoot in aperture priority mode and adjust the aperture with the front dial and exposure compensation with the rear dial. Only the Panasonic makes adjusting exposure compensation a slow, 2-step process. Adjusting the aperture does as I expect, I turn the dial and the aperture adjusts without requiring a second step to confirm it.

I have been searching through the menu trying to find a way to eliminate the second confirmation step, but so far I haven't found anything. Does anyone know a way to do it? Thank you.

By the way, if all you have to contribute is a comment about how you like the second confirmation step or don't mind it, then please don't bother to reply and junk up the thread. I am hoping for a solution, not someone telling me it is good the way it is. Thank you.

Hi Henry, i no longer have the GX80/85 so i have just tried re-assigning Exp Comp to both the front & rear dials on a GX9.  (I first disabled its dedicated Exp Comp dial) and in both cases, spinning the relevant front or rear dial adjusts Exp Comp immediately with no additional steps.

So you now have me wondering whether there is an issue with your rear-dial because i think it is a multi-function dial with the secondary 'push' function.  To eliminate this as a potential issue, i would say try temporarily assigning Exp Comp to the front dial on your camera and then see if you can adjust Exp Comp immediately.  Then perhaps you will be able to work out whether its a combination type problem with your rear dial.

When its 're-assigned' (to say the front dial) one gets the smaller/short yellow Exp Comp scale displayed in the bottom centre of the display. This is handy because you can still view all other parameters either side of the Exp Comp display.  I like to use it this way in-conjunction with the displayed histogram.

When its left to default (push the rear dial) one gets the fuller/more detailed Exp Comp scale displayed across the full width of the botton of the display.

Both ways work just fine, allowing instant adjustment.  Hence i am curious what is the confirmation step required by your camera.

Hope that is of some help

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