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Bjorn74 wrote:

I had expectations that Nikon would fix the AF with fw, but times running.

Not to pile on, but on top of what others have said, Nikon HAS significantly improved the AF through firmware updates. FW v1.0 to v2.0 is a big leap, and v2.1 further improved face and eye AF (noticeable increase in ability of AF system to detect and lock on to eyes in particular, plus less likelihood of AF locking onto high contrast background object). Somebody recently posted a YouTube comparison of Sony, Nikon, and Canon mirrorless AF systems and Nikon actually had some of the best results of the three. Very impressive considering where the Z started at release.

I agree that the tracking AF implementation is clumsy, but I'm not expecting Nikon to completely revise that interface on the existing Z bodies (though I would be quite happy if they did).

I buy products for the functionality they have at the time of purchase. Unless the manufacturer has promised specific additional functionality coming via an update, you just cannot reasonably expect anything other than bug fixes.  Yes, I'm optimistic based on that interview with the Nikon exec. Will continual updates make it more likely I buy another Z in the future?  You bet.  But it is just one factor that goes into future purchasing decisions.

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