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The grass is always greener..... etc etc.

What do you want folk to say?

I think there will be further firmware Z6/7 updates - but then again, there may not! Who knows!?

Why did you invest in the Z gear in the first place - must have been a reason?
Unless there is a solid, definite reason to switch which will definitely add something (and only you know that) then quit wobbling and enjoy what you’ve got.

I enjoy everything about the Z6 except the AF system. And the AF systems functionality is a big deal.

Then why did you make such an investment in the first place? Has the focus system begun working poorly compared to how it worked when you bought it? I fail to understand why anyone would invest in a system that doesn't meet their needs, or expectations. Do you often buy products that don't meet your needs, then expect the manufacturer to improve it for you at no additional cost? You don't live in a world of reality.

I had expectations that Nikon would fix the AF with fw, but times running.

I do a lot of event photography - automotive, concerts, museums, speaking events, I do a lot of landscapes, urban photography, portraits. The AF in my Z6 has never failed me, so there is nothing to fix. I guess you must be shooting something else.

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