EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

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I'm group 2. I'll probably upgrade, but the Mk 3 is a bit dissapointing.

I hoped for but didn't expect a new sensor. Fine - sensor tech is pretty stalled.

Hand held high rez is great - it's a feature I will use.

The same mediocre EVF though? Simply a cost cutting measure.  No excuse other than that.  Charge more - put the same great EVF from the Sony AR4 and the Panasonic S cameras.

Video. Olympus can't even come close to Panasonic's *still camera* video specs.

Come on - no 4k60p?  To be honest, I think they will add it in a later firmware, but there was no reason they couldn't add it from the get go.  Everything about this camera is recycled - it's not like their R&D team was busy.

Other than HHHR - I'm not sure what this camera really offers me that the Panny G9 doesn't do - sometimes better - for a lot less money.

I'll probably get the EM 1 Mk 3 - but I'll wait first to see what Panasonic's next gen m43 cameras look like.

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