Specs or performance, which is most important?

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Re: Specs or performance, which is most important?

Messier Object wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

It takes a lot of knowledge of Olympus cameras get C-AF and C-AF with Tracking to work at it's best.

Why is that ? Surely Olympus has given us clear instructions on how to get it working optimally. Surely the Olympus Visionaries have shown us what to do. After all this time with the E-M1 II, the E-M1 X and now the Mark III CAF Tr should be a well known and understood feature. Or is there some secret instruction manual available only to a select few ?

You are really assuming if you think Olympus gave clear instructions on how to get the E-M1.3 working optimally. Have you ever read their owner manuals. Most of the initial reviewers were just sent the camera after signing the non disclosure forms. The lucky ones that got flown to a place for a long weekend might have gotten a short talk.

The C-AF and C-AF with Tracking is very subject and user dependent. Each user is different. Watching knowledgeable experts give YouTube videos on how to set up the C-AF and C-AF with Tracking the settings all widely differ. Here is one E-M1X birder that used the E-M1.3 and his initial impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jElWtPTRZV0&t=75s  If you go back and watch his videos over the past 6 months he has continuing changed his "best" settings in his E-M1X.

After 11 months I got my BIF setting for the E-M1X set to the point where I am basically getting way over 90 percent success rate when it comes to nailing focus.  The first month or more I couldn't make such a claim.

No secret manual, just keep making adjustments until it works for me for the subject I am photographing.

A initial reviewer that is not knowledgeable of Olympus cameras and how to set them up is not going to get the best out of C-AF with Tracking. Let's see how a few of the wildlife and bird photographers that use the E-M1X has to say about the E-M1 Mkiii.

Yes let us see.


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