No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

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SQLGuy wrote:

I don't think either company yet has a sensor that can compete with the A9/A9II. I do think they (and even Sony) could achieve very competitive performance with their adapters and adapted lenses, but with Nikon and Canon's current level of sensor-based AF, they could not deliver a mirrorless flagship that would even be close in sports shooting performance to their current DLSRs.

Maybe Nikon can buy the A9 sensor. I'm sure Canon is working diligently to achieve something similar to what the stacked sensor can provide. Sounds like they're getting close with the 1Dx3 sensor.

I would bet that 2024 Olympics will be all-mirrorless, though.

It appears working pros don't care. They have the tools that get the job done...and regardless of sensor, the a9 is just not of interest to them. I am curious to see what the next pro iteration looks like from Canon and Nikon. For now, I'll stick with my F5 šŸ˜œ...but I may add a D5 for fun.

What do you base this statement on? And what does the previous generation, 25 year old, Nikon film camera have to do with this conversation?

I saw a number of A9s in the hands of Superbowl photographers. Are you saying Sony isn't selling A9s to "working photographers" at all? I don't think that's true, but, other than ones I see on TV in obvious actual use by working photographers at sporting events, I don't have any well to tell for sure.

I don't think Sony expected pros with tens of thousands of dollars invested in their current gear to just wholesale switch. I do think they expect those shooting very fast action, with high competition for fast submission (e.g. Olympics), or in environments where silence is a big plus (e.g. pro golf), to start looking at whether their current tools really do get the job done well enough, or whether an A9 could give them an extra edge.

I have seen the trend.  In my recent trip to the Chilean Patagonia area, I saw many tourists like me to carry and shoot with Sony ML cameras now.

Even Canon and Nikon now are focusing on their respective ML not DSLRs.  They just don't want to and cannot kill their used-to-be cashcow soon.  But longer delay to move to ML completely more confusing to their owners.  Sorry for Canikon owners that they have to  maintain two systems, two mounts for different purposes that is a pain.

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