R5 IBIS doesn't work with EF lens IS?

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Re: R5 IBIS doesn't work with EF lens IS?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

rrc1967 wrote:

If I had to guess you'll be able to use the lens IS but you won't get the benefit of the combined IBIS+IS.

That would be fine for the 600 - I hope you're right.

For lenses like the 16-35/4L IS I'd be keen to have the choice.

Also it's crucial that the IBIS can be used successfully with third party non-IS lenses. The most important one to me is a Zeiss Milvus 100 mm macro, but I have a couple of others which could really benefit. I've no practical experience with IBIS - is third party support usual?

there are two things here.

there IBIS functioning, and then there's IBIS+IS functioning.

IBIS by itself I can see functioning with older lenses, and also with third party.  There may be some weirdness because Sigma in the EF mount would code something like a 100mm lens and tell the camera it's a 14mm UWA (exaggeration but things like that occurred alot).  So that may mess up IBIS.

you are right though on the 16-35 you would experience what canon called "low frequency" shake would be handled better by the sensor stabilization.  I hope you could disable IS on the lens and use IBIS, but both wouldn't work at the same time.

IBIS+IS I suspect will be RF lenses only and most likely will also exclude third party lenses.  (just my guess though)

All I know is that Canon considered every possible scenario before v1 implementation. the patent details were staggering and complex.

I imagine your scenarios would be thought of, they thought of just about everything else.

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